Nutritional Information

Taste that stays in your heart !!

The diet of hens & way of farming reflects on the quality of organic, farm fresh eggs. Our girls feed on a well-balanced diet that includes grains, greens & seasonal herbs, in addition to grubs & trace minerals they forage in the range to make sure they are Protein & Carotenoids rich like true country chicken eggs.

We supplement the hens feed with Flax seed based diet to enrich the eggs with Omega 3.

For Fola+ eggs the birds are fed with 100% plant based natural supplement to enrich the Folate / Vit B9 in eggs.

  • The farm fresh eggs, which are rich Omega-3 eggs, are produced at Certified Humane farms.
  • Bright orange & upright yolk around a firm albumin is a treat at sight
  • Strong brown shells ensure to keep the natural taste intact.
  • Our country chicken, omega- 3 eggs go through three levels of quality checks to ensure you get the right Happy Egg.
  • We grade our farm fresh eggs by size to ensure you get reasonably of same size

As we deliver directly from our farm to home, the country chicken eggs you receive are fresh, upscale and designed to set a new standard in taste, texture, and quality for commercial and home cooking.