Happy and Free. The way nature intended hens to be.

Animal Friendly

Happy Hens - free range chickens are improved indigenous breeds, chosen primarily as they are most suited for backyard poultry. Our feathered friends instinctively love the cage free life. They have fun basking in the sun, dust bath, fly around& socialize. Our girls enjoy large organic pasture i.e more than 40sq feet of range space per bird & engage in just what they love to do, produce fresh country eggs and pasture raised eggs. Our hens do not have their wings clipped or beaks chopped.

What our hens feed on

Hens are voracious eaters. Free range chickens, spend their days foraging for nutritious greens, seeds and bugs in addition to a unique blend of grains, cereals and herbal infused diet. All of which make for a rich diet, thus enabling production of true organic, country eggs.

The organic pastures in which our hens are raised have a variety of naturally growing greens & the soil is a rich source of trace minerals. Seasonal plants and legumes in the range enriches the protein content and carotenoid in the hens’ diet. We feed them flax seeds to ensure omega 3 enriched, pasture raised eggs.

The diet of our hens is free of non-therapeutic antibiotics, hormones and synthetic growth promoters.

Welfare & Housing System

We ensure that our welfare and husbandry systems are appropriate to the physiological and behavioral needs of our free range hens. With access to ample food, fresh water & a well ventilated barn for night shelter, we ensure safe & comfortable housing to protect them at night.

Clean nesting boxes allows them to brood in privacy and lay pasture raised eggs in peace.

Freedoms Our Hens Enjoy

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: Our hens have easy access to fresh water and a balanced diet, so they stay healthy and full of vigor.
  • Freedom from discomfort: We provide our hens with an environment that is safe and comfortable, including shelter and resting areas.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease: Our hens are raised in small flocks to minimize chances of disease. When they show any symptoms of disease, they are diagnosed and treated quickly.
  • Freedom to express natural behavior: Because they have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other hens, our birds are able to adapt natural behavior.
  • Freedom from fear and distress: We do not subject our birds to any sort of stress or suffering.